AKL operates and conducts its campaigns regularly in several locations.

Our office will be happy to advise you if you are interested in starting a local action in a new location or carrying out an existing AKL project or campaign.

We operate almost exclusively through volunteering so everyone's contribution is needed. Contact us if you are interested in finding a path to eternal peace with us!

Ways to participate
  • Come to our events

Most of our events are free and open to everyone.

  • Advocacy

We educate new people to become experts in disarmament and encourage all those interested to participate in our campaigns. You can also run for our board!

  • Organization of cultural events

AKL organizes several concerts every year to raise funds for its work. We also support other anti-militaristic cultural activities.

  • Writing and editing

The Antimilitarist magazine, published by the Union of Conscientious Objectors, is continuously looking for new writers and illustrators.

  • Social media

AKL is present on a number of social media channels and mostly communicates on them on a voluntary basis.

  • Internship at the Union of Conscientious Objectors

You are welcome to apply for an internship at the Union of Conscientious Objectors! It can be part of your studies or, if you are unemployed, you may be able to apply through the activation services of the TE-office.

Join to our e-mail list

Listing guidelines will be updated soon. Until then, simply contact us to let us know that you would like to receive AKL's newsletter!