Support Concerts

Since the early 1990s, AKL has regularly organized support concerts to fund its activities. In addition to a couple of hundreds of punk gigs at Rauhanasema, there have been larger concerts of different music styles over the years.
Concerts are organized by an independent gig group. If you are interested in participating in the gig group or would like to come to our event and support anti-militarist activities, please get in touch.



The Union Of conscientious Objectors publishes anti-militaristic literature. The association has also released four anti-militarist punk compilation albums and Asan's Via Karelia album.



The Armed Forces Alliance supports other anti-militaristic arts. The association was a partner in the Helsinki Demilitarized Galaxi exhibition in 201X and in Loviisa in the summer of 2019 at the 100% CIVIL exhibition.