To become an AKL member, complete this membership form and pay the membership fee. The membership fee is paid to the organization's account at FI87 8000 1700 7505 41 (DANSKE BANK). When making a payment, enter "AKL Membership Fee" in the message field.

The union is open to all conscientious objectors or other individuals who accept the International Declaration of Opponents of War: “War is a crime against humanity. That is why I have decided not to support any kind of war and to fight to eliminate all causes of war."

You can also become a member at the AKL office or at AKL events where the membership fee can be paid in cash.

As a member you get:

  • our cultural magazine Antimilitarist four times a year
  • discounts on several AKL support products and entry fees

Above all, by paying a membership fee, you support AKL and secure the continuation of our anti-militarist work in the future!

Membership fees are as follows:

  • basic fee 10 €
  • reduced fee 5 € (for total objectors, those currently in civil service and everyone under the age of 23)
  • support fee minimum 20 €

Also, be sure to renew your membership with an annual membership fee.