Military conscripts are hardly given information about alternatives to military service. The lack of information is repaired by call-up campaign conducted by volunteers since 1960.

The conscription system is facing a change, even though it is not recognized. The number of those who have been exempted has grown dramatically and currently about a quarter of men of military age not perform any service. Problems are also highlighted by recent proposals, in principle unworkable, on women's military service or on civilian service for all.

Despite of the decline in the number of servicemen, military service produces far more soldiers than would be necessary from any point of view: there are four times as many reservists in military service as in military-strength positions. However, the call-up campaign is as timely as it was in its early years: there is still not too much talk about alternatives to military service.

The campaign is being carried out by distributing leaflets on civilian service, total objection and exemption, and criticizing military service in front of call points. It is organized in all locations where there are volunteers who are interested in implementing it. If you can't get to the place of call-ups, you can also participate in the call-up campaign by distributing flyers in schools, youth facilities, and other places where young people of the call age move. You can also participate in the campaign by spreading information on social media. In recent years, it has been realized in dozens of municipalities.


Various locations along the fall

The call-ups begin in mid-August and continue through various locations until mid-December. In the larger cities, the call-ups last for several weeks, in small municipalities only one day and in the other something between these two.
The AKL has complete military call schedules, so you can get information on where and when call-ups  are held in your community. They can also be found on the army website. At the end of the text are listed the call-up days for some of the largest localities.
There are several places where you can manage your flyer sharing, but it is easier if two or three people are present. Invitations usually start at 9:00 am (with some exceptions, eg in the Greater Helsinki area, they start at 8:00 am) and the most convenient way to distribute flyers is before that. You should arrive at least 40 minutes early. Call-ups are always held on weekdays, never on weekends.


Be part of the campaign!

If you are interested in participating in the 2020 Call to Action campaign, please report to the AKL! You will receive from us, free of charge, the number of flyers you need and, if necessary, more information on how to run your campaign.


Problems with call-ups?

The call-up campaign is also about the exercise of freedom of expression, one of the most fundamental human rights. We have written instructions on where to distribute flyers without the military authorities or the police having the legal right to intervene.

We are aware of cases where authorities have ordered an flyer sharers  to leave the area where it is legally permissible to distribute it. However, it is possible to intervene, so if this happens to you during the campaign, contact the AKL!

It is also often talked about that persons who apply to civilian service sometimes are subjected to inappropriate treatment in call-ups (civilian service and the possibility of apply to it are given misinformation). However, this is not the legal behaviour for call-up authorities and it is possible to deal with such cases. If you have encountered this, you should let us know!