The union of conscientioud objectors is campaigning against discrimination faced by civilian servants and other conscientious objectors in working life and elsewhere in society. Examples of cases of discrimination include:

  • person who have been in the army are preferred when recruiting
  • a job ad requires that person has compeleted his military service
  • the job application asks for information on completing your military service
  • the educational institution recognizes merit in the military, but not in civilian service
  • for example, in tickets for admission or travel are granted discounts to conscripts but not to civilian servans.

If you come across any of these, contact the Union Of Conscientious Objectors and we will take action!

AKL has taken action in around 600 cases, most often by submitting a request for action to occupational safety and health authorities or by contacting companies directly. In all decisions known to the AKL, employers' conduct has been regarded as either clearly discriminatory or at least problematic. Many companies have also independently corrected their illegal practices after contacting them.