Antimilitarists see no reason why people in different countries should take up arms against each other. The benefit of ordinary people throughout the world is the peaceful coexistence that everyone can contribute by refusing to use violence. Conscientious obbjectors have noticed the similarity of militarism in different countries and have been cooperating across borders, for example, within the framework of the War Resisters' International since 1921. Today, every UN member state must respect the individual's right to conscientious objection.

War Resisters' International

AKL is a Finnish branch of the War Resisters' International (WRI), an international anti-militarist organization. The WRI is a network of pacifist and anti-militarist groups from around fifty countries. The Alliance's goal is a world without wars. AKL participates in WRI's international campaigns, sends participants to seminars, meetings and trainings organized by WRI, and transmits and translates information produced by WRI member organizations into its media channels.

WRI has a wide range of activities to promote disarmament. It e.g. maintains a list of conscientious objectors who are detained and arranges support for them. AKL participates in the annual WRI-coordinated International Arms Refusal Day (May 15) and International Peace Prison Day (December 1).

WRI produces articles on non-violent action. The Empowering Nonviolence program gathers examples of non-violent influence. Non-Violence Guides provided by WRI can be ordered from AKL.

WRI also coordinates campaigns to counter militarization of young people and the arms trade.


European Bureau for Conscientious Objection

AKL is also active in the European Bureau of Conscientious Objection (EBCO), the umbrella organization of European conscientious objectors. At the heart of its activities is the promotion of the right to refuse arms in Europe. EBCO is active towards the Council of Europe, the UN and the EU institutions and submits an annual report on the exercise of the right of conscientious objection in various European countries. Esa Noresvuo represents the AKL on the board of the organization.


Baltic Glory

The Baltic Glory peace exercises began as a countermeasure to increased militarism in the Baltic Sea region. The aim of the events has been to create a strong network of peace activists through various exercises. In 2018 and 2019, the AKL has co-organized the largest gathering of anti-militarists in Northern Europe. In addition to Finland, peace activists mainly from Sweden, Russia and Ukraine have participated in the events. In addition to major Baltic Glory peace exercises, the network organizes smaller side events.


Other international activities

The AKL has organized several demonstration trips to Europe against international militarism. During the trip, non-violent direct action has been taken against nuclear weapons, arms trade, military exercises and NATO.
AKL is involved in the Nobel Peace Prize winning ICAN campaign and the Stop Killer Robots campaign.