Reserve Objection

NOTICE! Outdated (Updated Google translation)

A conscript may become a CO after military service by applying for supplementary service. The application may be handed out any time after active service. The application form is the same one used for applying to non-military service (NMS). It must be delivered either to the staff of one's military district (the one in whose area one lives) or to the NMS centre in Lapinjärvi. The form is available in the aforementioned places as well as in the Union of COs. After applying, the conscript will be relieved of military duty during peace time.

According to law, those who apply for supplementary service while a call for a military refresher course is active, will automatically be called into supplementary training. Others are called according to consideration by the Ministry of Labour. In recent times the NMS centre in Lapinjärvi, whose duty it is to organize supplementary service has decided to call in all applicants.

Supplementary service is a week long outdoors camp during which some practical project is carried out. Examples of this include renovations of nature conservation areas, buildings, or watercourses. It is about doing concrete outdoors work. Accommodation mostly takes place outdoors as well. The five day camp includes some informational activity and possibly a little fun too. The NMS centre provides the men with more precise information in each case.

All participants get 3.60 € daily allowance during supplementary service as well as taxable service pay like military refreshers.

Refusing supplementary service leads to a trial and a fine. Paying the fine does not relieve of supplementary service duty. The call to SS only occurs once.