Become a Member

Anyone, not only the COs, who agrees with the principles of The Union of Conscientious Objectors, can apply for membership. The members get the magazine Sivari&Totaali, concerning COs and all kinds of anti-militarist action and culture all around the world. The magazine is published four times a year. Payment can be done by cash at the office of AKL or by credit transfer to Union's bank account in SAMPO 800017-750541. Remember to announce your address and other contact information you wish and your date of birth. The current membership fees are the following:

  • basic fee 10 €
  • lowered fee 5 €
    • For those serving in non-military service, total objectors with ongoing refusal process and those who are or has been under 23 years of age in the year of payment
  • support fee 20 € in the minimum

Remember to renew your membership by paying the membership fee every year!